Ownership Price

Back to 2011 -2013, I used to deliver workshops about entrepreneurship, coaching for kids in the mountains in Morocco, the question was as simple as it sounds “What do you want to be in the future”, every time I ask this question, to ask kids about what they want to be in the future and the answers are different from each region, this is due to the entourage of those kids, region and culture.

It’s totally understandable, when a kid dreams to be a soldier just because he used to watch motives, or have a relative who was a soldier one day and he is willing to fight to protect his/her country in the other hand its understandable that a kid dreams to be an entrepreneur because simply he was influenced and admired by a relative or public figures on TV.

We assume that praising differences, setting goals, and dreaming is a right for every child, personally, I dreamed to be a pilot, doctor, cop, president of the government, politician, I had thousands of dreams which made me obliged to make taught decision about whom I want to be since my childhood, yet I had very supportive entourage who taught me to be responsible by taking care of the house, cleaning, respect, and modesty.

12 years after, I found myself engaged in a different sector which I Never dreamed to be involved in, then I realized that those childhood dreams were just illusions because those dreams are not meant to be mine and I was just like any other kid who was influenced by the entourage, media, and movies, 

I found myself managing international programs as a beginner with a total absence of skills or knowledge, involved with the united nations lute counter corruption as the youngest participant, and much more, I started liking it and enjoying the atmosphere of being an adolescent with the international and professional scales, I had the chance to find the right mentor that till now grateful, having faith on me, putting me in critical situations and expecting me to overcome and achieve goals without making in sort of excuses and guess what I succeeded every time and this made me more confident to do things and enlarge my network and experiences.

There’s a saying “business, leadership and project management are like swimming, you can’t learn them by reading books or having a degree”, I was eager to do more tasks, meet people, negotiate projects, send emails and make phone calls, being rejected and yet I never gave up or gave excuses to my colleagues.

Success isn’t easy, it has a price, and its costly especially in a society that lacks the sense of engagement, commitment, and responsibility, I had to go through several obstacles and issues just because sometimes people expect much while they are not giving what was expected from them, scarifying a social life, time, energy, emotions is countless for those as all what they believe is that getting something from you without doing anything and they will always be there, someone will always want your attention. Someone will want you to pay for your tolls.

After years, I realized I realized, after paying far too much, that it’s just all right to be attacked, harassed and you can not all people happy, there will be some people who will believe in you as there are many others who sees you as a tool or take you for granted and I can share one main advice:

Take care of the most valuable asset of your young company, your MIND and keep focused, companies can die and be re-born while you can’t, your output depends on your input, nothing wrong if you make mistake as its part of the learning process but don’t repeat the same mistakes and get the same punishment over and over.


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